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The Challenge:
Taking a forty-plus year old train station that operates 24 hours a day and modernizing all millwork with the public present is no small challenge.  That’s exactly what Northern Millwork did with Ottawa’s main VIA Rail train station.  The project called for the replacement of the original ticket sales kiosks, updating of the Panorama VIP lounge, and renovation of all public and staff washrooms.
The Result:

The station’s unique circular ticket kiosk counter was ingeniously replaced without disrupting service to the public by having it moved forward with a new counter built in behind.  This seamless process involved moving all electrical, voice, and data cabling to the new fixtures without disruption of service. 

Adding to the challenge was the intricate design of the kiosk’s millwork which incorporated a variety of curved details and surfaces.  The granite tops, glass skirts and perforated metal screens required precision manufacturing and installation.

Similar conditions existed with the removal and installation of fixtures in the Panorama lounge and washroom areas.  All of which remained in operation to the greatest extent possible during the construction phase.
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Via Rail Canada

Via Rail Canada

Via Rail Canada
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